Your home is the most important investment you ever made. It supports and sustains life, provides shelter for your loved ones, hosts family celebrations. At MDA Garden Suites, we work with you to create the best customized solution for your overall holistic financial, health, and long term plans. We are the one point connection for:

-Specific, Customized and Use-Appropriate Design

-Pre Approved Financing and Structuring a Fiscally Sound Plan

-Permits and Inspections

-Foundation and Construction

-Appropriate Building (with you in mind during construction)

-Customized Interiors and Finishes  (appropriate to your long term needs)

-Landscaping Features (again, a landscape appropriate to your needs and level of gardening enthusiasm)

-Fire Safety

-Home of the MDA Garden Suites is 10 year No Hassle Warranty Advocacy and Support Guarantee!

Your life is dynamic and new decisions at the your City Hall will now enable you to make transform and sculpt your property so that your home can dynamically change to respond to the important changes that are taking place in your world: your health, your family, and your investments.

It is now possible to build a cozy home on your property. This small home will provide a creative solution to many needs.